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Tononkira The regret is never before - Bodo

So I said it's too much what you've said
'Cause every words you spell gives me pain
Guess you were on my place
Tear and shadow on your face
'Cause it's not your turn just let this be mine

I'm like a wave to roll to the shore
I've been hard on you
I never choose to be
One thing I couldn't stand was
The hardness full of you
I'd rather be alone than to make a home

Lay your head on my shoulder
Forgive my commiting that wrong
Forgive my repeating word
Let's live in a new home
I know the regret is never before

In the roar of dust and diesel
I looked at you walking awfully away
I should caught you up stay I know, baby
It's another wrilging
It's another headline to reach the end

Another lion to tame
Another king to shame
It's an other trap to trap the hero
Another time to take to know him
Life's a roller ball slipping and sliding wild

I'll give the best I can to have you again
I'll do the best I can to have you again
I know the life to live together
I know the love to love each other
I know, I know the regret is never before.

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