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Tononkira Crazy ambience tonight - STELLA AFRO

(Auteur : ARMAND / Compositeur: STELLA)
(Album STELLA AFRO « La Salegue Et Le Rock » 2013)

Intro : SIm / SOL / RE / LA X 2

Yeah Yeah SIm /SOL / RE / LA
Oh Yeah ! SIm /SOL / RE / LA SOL

Everybody’s looking I’m sexy SIm /SOL / RE / LA
But one day we’ll play together,
If you are watching me playing
Please, come on and come on with me, darling
believe me, LA/ LA believe me

refrain: LA / RE / LA / MI / MI7

Crazy ambience every day, Crazy ambience to night X 2

If I wear a dress up side down
(Parlé) Come on baby let’s get, get down
I’m not a tart but I’m looking for
I don’t want to be sad any more,
any more any more



(doucement) Do you want to have a good time, friend ?
All the wishes you‘ll have at the end
But are you sure to realize your dream
Let the mystery enter like a moon beam


Solo: SIm / SOL / RE / LA

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